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Dolphin Day 2020

Most commonly celebrated in the US however, it is quickly spreading to other parts of the world Dolphin Day was set up to create awareness of Dolphin welfare and to create a better environment for them.


How you can celebrate!

1. Learn some fun and Wild facts about dolphins using the Hashtag #DolphinsUNKnown (teach the kids too)

2. Show your Support and be ahead of the game on your social media feed, by posting some fun pics, facts or simply one of the above hashtags! Get On It!

3. Create Dolphin Crafts and Colouring pages (Colouring Sheets & Craft Ideas available at bottom of page)

4. Get the pool out in the sun and swim like Dolphins

5. Try jumping through a hoop like a dolphin


Fun Dolphin Facts!

  • There are about 40 discovered species of dolphins. The most common species of dolphins is the Bottle nose.

  • Dolphins are very family-oriented animals. They usually stay beside their mothers for a long time, some for even up to 8 years. (sounds like my brother, Tom... mummy's boy)

  • Dolphins are very caring towards one another. They nurture those in their pack that get sick or injured.

  • There are people reporting that dolphins have saved human lives.

  • A pack of a dolphin that swims together is called a pod. Pods can have as many as 1000 dolphins (could you even begin to imagine the drama!).

  • Dolphins have about 100 teeth, but they don’t use them to chew food. Instead, they use their teeth to hook fishes and then swallow them whole.

  • Dolphins heal fast! (I don't know how fast... google it you lazy thing)

  • Dolphins have two stomachs. One is used for storing food while the other one is used for digestion. (sounds like our Captain Elle... eats like a Dolphin)

  • Dolphins migrate from one place to another but only when they are not getting enough food (yep it's Captain Elle... Hide your food if she's around) .

  • Fun Captain Elle Fact: She wishes there were Dolphins at Wigan Pier


Links For Fun Crafts & Colouring Sheets!

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