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Happy Earth Day!

National Earth Day is held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Every year around the world, Earth Day organisers promote green campaigns to save the Earth! ...(Even Flat Earthers can get in on this)


How To Celebrate!

  • Share your Earth Day experiences & Support using #EarthDay on Social Media

  • Get Planting - Plant some pretty flowers or make a veggie Plot

  • Do some outdoor Yoga

  • Go for a walk or Bike ride

  • Build your own Birdhouse


Did You Know...

  • During The COVID-19 Lock down, Wildlife has started to flourish due to the current clear skies, quiet streets and tranquil shores.

  • Goats took over Welsh town - (Article at Bottom of Page)

  • Dolphins have returned in Greater numbers to the Italian port of Cagliari due to the absence of Cruise Ships

  • Deer take over streets in East London - (Article at Bottom of Page)

  • Rare wild flowers and the wildlife that depend on them such as bees, bats and butterflies could have their best summer for years due to understaffed councils choosing to stop mowing roadside verges and giving Britain's most at-risk flowers respite!

How Can We Help The Enviroment?

Keep the Car in the Garage - Try to Walk, Cycle or use Public Transport more

Invest in a reusable Coffee Cup

The Big Turn Off - Switch off all appliances in your home that aren't currently in use

Invest in some Re-usable Shopping Bags

Start Composting

Learn More

Deer News Link:

Goats News Link:

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