Santa Cuises 2020

Cancelled due to Covid restrictions

Quick Details:

- Cruise length: 40 mins to 1 hour

- Small Panto and dance will still be going ahead

- All guests are allocated Covid Safe booths 

- Booking Required (Limited Space available)

-  £45 (3 person Booth)  |  £60 (4 person booth)  |  £75 (5 person booth)

Grab your best Christmas Jumpers, PJ's and Dresses for The Legendary Kittywake Santa Cruise, filled with magic and fun for both children and adults!

Boarding at Wigan Pier you will be greeted by Santa's Elves who will be there to help with anything you may need. Once we set sail elves will serve the adults with either a Hot Mulled Wine or Warm Vimto plus a little extra treat and the children will receive a cup drink, sweets to nibble on and a fun activity sheet with letter head ready to write to Santa. As you know Santa struggled to land his sleigh last year so we may be in for a bumpy time when he lands on the roof of Elleswake.

Children will each have the opportunity to meet Santa and tell him their Christmas wishes before they receive their special personalised gift! 

As always our elves will perform their signature dance moves with a boogie at the end of your cruise guests are encouraged to join in from the safety and comfort of their seats/booths.

Please take note of the following:

Face Coverings: Face Coverings are required except when seated in your Covid-safe booths. Anyone under age 11 is not required to wear a mask.

Under 1 year old/Babies: children under the age of one can go free without the gifts from Santa and refreshments, These children must be kept on knees.

Wheelchairs/Prams: If you have any wheelchair users in your group then Bookings must be made by phone on:01942-836-885.

  Unfortunately due to covid we can not accommodate for prams in the saloon however they can be placed on the roof if collapsible 


Find FAQ's here


Santa Cruise FAQ's

Will you be running the Pantomime on board again?

Yes! As you know we always host a little panto and dance on board that everyone loves and this will go ahead this year with the addition of safety measures to ensure that not only our guests and crew are safe but also that we are compliant with regulations.

What extra safety measures are in place sof the Santa Cruises during covid

1. All groups will be allocated their own covid safe booths, in which they will not be required to wear a mask/ facecovering (booths are perspex so you will still see all of the fun) 2. All guests must wear Masks/ facecovering when boarding/ disembarking the boats or when leaving their booth for the toilet. 3. Table Service will be provided (this means you will not be served at the bar) 4. All Crew will be wearing masks/ faceshields when in the main body of the boat.
5. A hand sanitising station is accesible on board, as well as bathrooms. 6. All guests must stay seated in their own allocated booths unless going to the toilet. 7. Crew have been allocated longer times between cruises to allow for a deeper clean/disinfect of the boat.

Can my children still see/ speak with Santa?

Yes! Santa will still be visiting the children for pictures, a chat and gift giving however, due to covid we will be implementing a new way to keep everyone safe. 1. Santa will come round to each booth to visit the children 2. Santa will be required to wear a Mask/ Faceshield 3. Children will need to remain seated during the visit 4. Photos will need to be taken by the elf accompanying Santa; using your device, this is to ensure that your group can remain seated in your booth.

Will we be able to join in dancing again this year?

Yes! Due to covid rules & regulations guests will not be able to leave their booths to dance however, we do encourage a good seat boogie or a standing wiggle in your booth!

How early should we arrive?

We recommend you arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to cruising as crew will be conducting a more thorough clean between cruises this year.

Do I book by person or by Booth?

- Due to Covid, bookings will be taken by booth and not per person. - We have 3 types of Booths available: 3 person, 4 person & 5 person. The Booth numbers are the maximum seating capacity, so groups less than the Max number can also book a bigger booth. Example: a 2 person group can book any booth but a 4 person group can only book a 4 or 5 person booth. - Booth prices are fixed.

I have less than 3 people can I still book a booth?

Yes! Booth numbers are the maximum capacity that a booth can hold but less people can book a bigger booth. Example: 2 people can book any booth however, 4 people can only book a 4 or 5 person booth. All booths are fixed price.

Can we get up and move around the boat?

Due to covid all cruises are now seated trips, all guests are required to stay seated in their Covid-safe booth unless they are going to the bathroom. (Face Coverings must be worn when leaving your covid-safe booth)

Do we/ the kids have to wear Face coverings?

Face coverings are not required while you are sat in your Covid-safe booths however, Face coverings must be worn when Boarding the boat, Disembarking the boat and when leaving your booth e.g. going to the toilet. Only guests over age 11 are required to wear face coverings Masks will be available to purchase on board if you forget yours, however, entry can be refused if you do not have a face covering or refuse to wear one.

What if i forget my Face covering

Don't worry, we have face masks available to purchase on board, just let us know that you need one when you arrive and we can get it to you. Entry can be refused if you do not have a face covering or refuse to wear one.

Can I take Photos on board?

Yes, you are very welcome to take photos from your seat, however guests are required to stay seated during the cruise so just ask an elf if you would like a photo from outside the booth.

Will the bar be open?

OF COURSE! Our bar is always open serving Hot, Cold, Alcoholic and soft drinks. Due to covid, we are operating table service so you will not be served at the bar.

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