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As a family business we understand how hard it can be losing a loved one, we have lost Family, Friends and Pets just the same as you and can appreciate that everyone grieves in their own way.

When you chose to Scatter Ashes or Celebrate a Wake on board Kittywake we are not simply mourning the loss of a loved one, we are celebrating.  Celebrating their life, their passion, their achievements and their mistakes, we aim to make the celebration of your loved one as easy as possible allowing you the time to grieve and celebrate in whatever way you need

The Cruise is approximately 90 minutes in duration and costs £300 on Kittywake or Elleswake.

Cd’s of Hindu prayers are available to be played on the vessel during your cruise if you wish.
Biodegradable water lanterns are available on board for £2.50 each
Water-soluble biodegradable earns can be supplied for £45.00 each

What Happens once on board?...

Sailing from Wigan Pier our large boats offer you a comfortable, warm and private environment in which to celebrate and remember the life of your loved one. The journey is an opportunity to conduct any ceremonies you wish prior to privately placing the ashes held in their biodegradable earn into the flowing waters of the canal in the beautiful Douglas Valley. Water-soluble biodegradable earns must be used and can be supplied for £45.00.
Depending upon your requirements and weather permitting, we will slow or stop our journey for 10 to 15 minutes mid-water at a specific point along the canal doing our best to ensure that this is a quiet and private place. This allows time for placing the ashes in a suitable water soluble earn into the fresh, flowing waters. The waters continue their flow onwards joining with the River Mersey, into the Irish Sea and then on to the vast Atlantic Ocean.
Here at Kittywake Canal Cruises, we appreciate that the scattering of ashes can be a very difficult and emotional experience, our friendly, caring, professional Crew understand the importance of sensitivity at this time and they are on hand to offer assistance. They will operate locks and serve hot or cold, soft or alcoholic drinks from the Bar, background music is also available you are welcome to bring your own on CD/phone/mp3 player should you wish. We pride ourselves on our 5* reputation and we always do our best to make your time with us is as comfortable as possible.
As we sail from Wigan Pier along the historic waterways of the Douglas Valley. The delightful flora and fauna of the surrounding canal-side provides a calm and therapeutic outlook which can be a welcome and soothing experience particularly as we return on our journey after the scattering of ashes.

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