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Independence Day of Ukraine

You Can Help

1. Printed T-Shirts are for sale below - ALL profits from these will be donated to help Ukraine

2. Our Fundraising Cruises on March 5th made £210 in donations - Kittywake rounded this up and donated £500 to The Red Cross for Ukraine!

3. Kittywake is a family business and as a family we have opened our home to refugees from Ukraine

4. We will continue to spread awareness and do what we can to help!

how Kittywake
is supporting ukraine

1. Fundraising T-Shirts

2. Fundraising

On March 5th Kittywake ran mini fundraiser Cruises to and from Wigan Pier/Robin Retail Park &  The CAMRA Beer festival

All crew worked voluntarily & All profits were donated to the Red Cross for Ukraine! 

Profits & Donations totalled - £210

Our Directors rounded this up and donated - £500



3. Sponsor a family

As you may know Kittywake Canal Cruises is a small family run business including Mum, Dad, Two Daughters, One Son and a Cat (Grandma's & Grandad help out too).

As a family we have opened up our home and lives to Ukrainian refugees by offering to sponsor anyone who needs a home and help until they can get back on their feet. 

The Kind people in our community (Garswood) have helped us by donating extra beds and products which we are immensely grateful for!

The sites that we have registered on are below but please remember to stay safe and take care of yourselves as well as others.

Facebook Sites: 



4. More useful links

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