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UPDATED: Wednesday 6th October 2021

As we are a family run business, we always do our absolute best to keep yours and our families as safe as possible, whilst still offering a cruise full of fun!

Our adjustments include: 

  • Masks are no longer required, however guests and staff are welcome to wear face coverings if they prefer.

  • Dance, Dance! Social Distancing is no longer required.

  • QR Codes are available to log your visit

  • All crew conduct regular covid testing 

  • If you have covid symptoms please do not attend.

  • All crew have completed updated training specifically for covid.

  • Although no longer required - Perspex booths have been erected for extra safety on board the vessels.

  • A comprehensive risk assessment specifically related to covid has been implemented.

  • We have a nominated health and safety crew member in charge of checks. 

  • We have incorporated advice from Government, Health & Safety Advisers, CRT, Her Majesty's Coast Guard and UK Hospitality to ensure the highest standards of health and safety.

I hope that the approach which we have taken gives you confidence when returning to cruise with us.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Elle-Mercedes C.

General Manager 


Frequently asked questions


When will you be cruising again?

Now! We are up and cruising so BOOK NOW

Do me and my guests have to wear masks?

NO but you are welcome to if you prefer

Can I still order at the bar?

Yes, you are welcome to prop up the bar during your cruise

Can I pay cash or Just card?

We ask that customers edevour to pay by card as much as possible however, we are still accepting cash payments.

Can we have a DJ?


Can we have Karaoke and/ or Live entertainment?

YES! All DJ's, Karaoke, Singers, magicians and other live acts are now all available to be booked

Can we have food on board?


Can Face Coverings/ masks be purchased on board?

Yes. Face Coverings can be purchased from the boats, if you or your guests would like to wear one

How will you collect information for the NHS Test & Trace?

The government has asked pubs and other hospitality venues, to collect and maintain records of customers. This is so that NHS Test and Trace can identify and inform those who may have been exposed to COVID-19. Upon booking a cruise with Kittywake Cruises we will require the following information (this is the same information as you already provide when making a booking). Name Contact phone number Address Email

Will you provide PPE for staff?

Yes. Staff are not required to wear any PPE however, we do have PPE available incase they would prefer to wear it.

Will you provide hand Sanitisers for staff and customers?

Yes. There will be hand sanitiser on board for the use of guests and crew. All guests will be required to Sanitise or wash their hands when boarding/ disembarking the boats.

How will you keep the boats clean?

Boats wil be deep cleaned/ disinfected before and after every single cruise and we have alloted a 2 hour time gap between cruises to ensure this. Crew will continue to regularly check/ clean the bathrooms and saloon on board

Do I have to be vaccinated to cruise with you?

NO! Everyone is welcome vaccinated or unvaccinate we respect everyones choice.

Do I need to have my covid passport?

No. You do not need a covid passport to cruise with us, everyone is welcome.

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