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Happy Pride Weekend!

Kittywake, Elleswake and their Crew are so excited to be celebrating Gay Pride in Wigan this weekend (Saturday 10th August 2019). We will be near the Grand Arcade handing out leaflets for our Public Trips taking place on 27th and 28th August.

As we are celebrating Pride weekend, we thought we would tell you a little bit about what we are proud of within Kittywake Canal Cruises...

We are Proud to be a family business built by people with open minds and open hearts just for you!

We are proud to welcome everyone to cruise with us no matter their, age, gender, race, sexuality or Beliefs

We are Proud to have a wonderful Crew who do all they can to encourage diversity in and out of work

We are Proud to encourage your religious practice and beliefs on-board the boats no matter who or what you pray to

We are Proud to host Weddings, Hen's, Stag's and Sten's for people that love each other for the people they are no matter their identity

We are Proud to be non judgmental of not only of each other but also ourselves

and Finally...

We are Proud to have you. Our Loyal and Dedicated Followers & Friends

No matter who you are, what you do, where you come from or who you love, always remember...

You Are Strong, You Are Brave, You Are Beautiful and You've Got This!


Kittywake & Elleswake.

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