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Cruising & Covid Update

Hi Guys!

I am about to get very real with you here, so I hope you have had your coffee and weetabix? Ok let's go...

As you all know we are a family run business and so we are doing our very best to keep up and cruising within the guidelines of our licences (Her Majestys Coastguard, CRT, Health & Safety, Licencing Authority, Government and Wigan Council)... yes there's really that many.

As you already know our main priority is the safety of our guests/ crew and second to that is ensuring that guests have the best time possible partying the night away on board, so we have come up with some inventive cruises for you all to enjoy safely I have included our plan for moving forward below and I do hope that it isn't too confusing (because I actually haven't had my coffee). If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us on the below details.

Lastly please understand that we are not trying to ruin anyone's fun! As a family business this is a very hard time for us too and there is nothing we want more than to simply open as normal and allow parties on board but the safety of our passengers and crew comes first. We can not deviate from the rules and regulations given to us, as this would result in all crew members losing their jobs, the Kittywake being shut down and the entire family out of work, not to mention the fact that all guests would receive a £100 fine each from police so please understand that we are doing our best to protect everyone!

  1. Normal Private Hire Party Cruises for up to 55

    1. Due to social distancing, music volume restrictions and other rules implemented upon all establishments by government, it is impossible for any business to provide partys with more than one household with dancing and Singing etc. Taking this into account we have implemented the below cruises as alternatives and below is our plan for these "normal party cruises"

    2. We will accept bookings for private party cruises taking place after November 1st 2020

    3. These cruises will be subject to following any rules and regulations that are set due to covid

    4. Deposits will not be required unless another customer requests that same cruise or until the covid rules/ regulations are relaxed

  1. Bubble Cruises

    1. Maximum One household/bubble at max 15 people

    2. Exclusively your boat with no other passengers (apart from crew)

    3. No Masks required once on board (we only ask that you wear face coverings when boarding/disembarking the boat to protect both yourselves and crew)

    4. No Social distancing required (get up and dance as this is only your household/bubble)

    5. Bar is Open

    6. Music can be supplied by you or us (volume must be regulated to allow normal conversation)

    7. Table Service

3. Celebration Cruise

a. Max 10 households/bubbles at a Max of 30 People

b. Seated Cruise (social distancing must be maintained)

c. Each household/bubble will be allocated a booth where masks can be removed

d. Face coverings are required when boarding and disembarking

e. Table Service

f. Bar is open

g. Social Distancing to be practised

4. Public Cruises

a. Bar will be open

b. Households/bubbles will be allocated booths where face coverings are not required

c. Table Service

d. Seated Cruise

e. Face coverings required when boarding and disembarking

f. Background Music

g. Social distancing to be practised

Boat Plan:

For public & other cruise details and booking check out our website at or e-mail us at

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