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International Astronomy Day


International Astronomy Day is a way for astronomy enthusiasts and professionals to share their knowledge and love of outer space.

For those especially enthusiastic about space, it is important to know that this day is celebrated twice a year! There is one in the spring and another in the fall to celebrate the changing constellations and various things to observe at different times of the year in space. 



Ways To Celebrate:

(more printable sheet & activities can be found on the link at the bottom of this page)

Make your own Sun Clock - Before watches were invented, sun clocks were used to estimate the time of day...

Decorate a paper plate to look like a clock and push a pencil through a hole in the middle. If you place the plate in the sunlight with the twelve facing north, the shadow will represent the hour hand of the clock. 

Lollystick Stars - you will need...

  • 5 lolly or crafts sticks

  • Glue

  • Paint, Stickers, Pens, Glitter... whatever you want to use to decorate.


Using our picture as a guide, glue the ends of the sticks together to make your star. Leave to dry.

Decorate your star

Space Puzzles - Get the little ones playing with some fun space puzzles that will also help with their education (printable sheets available on link at bottom of page)

Star Gazing - This evening before heading outside grab your cosy blankets, Hot Chocolates and a snack or two then snuggle down in the garden and gaze at the stars!


For more activity ideas and printable sheets check out the link below

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