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National Pet Day!


Everyone at Freshfields would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Kittywake Cruises for your support.

Every day, another animal in desperate need finds its way to our doors. Since the pandemic, and the current cost of living crisis, the need for our services has quadrupled in the last 3 years.

We are there for as many animals as we can be. We rescue, rehabilitate and find loving homes for over 1000 creatures every year. We also tackle the issue of endangered wildlife, particularly hedgehogs and birds. Our Hedgehog Hospital cares for the little hoglets over winter, so they can build up their weight and thrive when we release them back into the wild.

Where We Began

In 1974, our founder Lesley Tarleton saw a dog being brought to the vets to be put to sleep for no other reason than that the owner simply did not want him anymore. From that day, she began rescuing unwanted animals and Freshfields Animal Rescue was born.

We moved to our current premises in Ince Blundell, registered as a charity in 1979 and have grown our work over the past 45 years.

We have 2 Centres:

· One in Liverpool, caring for the most diverse range of species in the Northwest

· One in Wales, opened 21 years ago, which is primarily a horse and pony sanctuary, with cats and small animals.

Animals come to Freshfields for many reasons. It’s sometimes because they are abandoned or abused, but more recently it has been because their owner may be unable to look after them for health reasons; financial reasons or perhaps their living situation has changed.

Our Mission is to make a great quality of life possible for vulnerable animals, both today and tomorrow.

We have about 400 animals and birds at the Liverpool Shelter at any one time. It’s busy, noisy and wonderful!

Last year we rescued and rehomed 1,391 animals and birds. This year, we hope to help even more (with help from supporters like you!)

Our work in Liverpool consists of 4 main Units – Cattery, Kennels, Small Animals & Wildlife and Farm.

· Our Cattery has about 60 cats; both kittens and older cats

· Our Kennels accommodates around 30 dogs, with fabulously different personalities. Some will stay just a short time before they find a loving home. Some have behavioural issues and medical problems linked to the trauma they have endured at the hands of their previous humans, and they need extra support to find their perfect family

· Small Animals/Wildlife Unit is the fastest growing area of our work. It’s just coming into our busiest time of year now, with 60 hedgehogs in the busy season (Spring), as well as with rabbits, chinchilla, guinea pigs, ferrets and more. Our staff work round the clock to hand rear fledglings and small animals, like this baby wood pigeon:

· At Freshfields Farm we care for pigs, sheep, geese, hens and chickens. Some are rehomed, but many spend their lives living happily together on our field.

Our aim is to find a loving home for our animals as soon as possible. Inevitably some may be with us for a short time, others much longer. We pledge to be here for the animals for as long as they need us.

How do we raise funds?

We depend entirely on public donations and the generosity of our local communities, including lovely people like you!

· Charity shops: 1 in Southport and 5 in Wales. Mostly run by volunteers, the shops are the connection between the rescue centres and the public, who bring their donations which we can sell on to raise funds to run the rescue centres.

· Regular giving: the very best way to help the animals is by regular monthly donations. It helps us to plan for the future if we know what’s coming in.

· Fundraising events such as Sponsored Walks, Runs, Skydives, Danceathons and our Charity Abseil down the west window of Liverpool Cathedral!

Here are some examples of how we can change lives together:

Mimi’s story

Mimi was abandoned in the cruellest way; thrown over the wall of our car park during the night. Terrified and alone her fur was matted and she couldn’t see properly. She shrank away in fear when we tried to go near her.

Gradually, our staff and volunteers gently approached Mimi, and soon she realised we were there to help. Mimi was given the warmth, food, medicine, love and care she needed. Her personality began to shine through, and she became a loving, affectionate dog.

Fast forward 6 months, and she has been adopted by Jim, one of our dog walkers! He took her into foster care, which of course didn’t work out for the very best reason...he fell in love with her and decided to adopt her 😊 We couldn’t make these miracles happen without you.


Mr. Jurgen Klopp-pig is our celebrity pig, loved by staff and visitors alike. Jurgen was found as a youngster trotting along the streets near Anfield. Named after the Liverpool FC Manager, he’s one of the biggest characters on the farm, and has featured on local radio and newspapers with his (not always accurate) football match predictions.


Marcus was 2 months old when he was brought into Freshfields. When we examined Marcus, we noticed that he had a severe injury to the inside of his front right leg. He was taken to the vets that day and the wound was debrided, cleaned and dressed, with Marcus under anaesthetic.

For the next 4 weeks we took him to the vets twice a week, for wound cleaning and dressing changes. After 4 weeks the vet was very pleased with his condition; he was discharged as the wound had completely healed and Marcus’s health was even better than the vet had hoped for.

The cost of all this treatment came in at £1000. Marcus has made a full recovery and is a very happy cat, being recently adopted and living life to the full!

We believe that every animal is worthy of love and respect.

How Can You Help?

Get involved!

As individuals and a group, you can have a direct impact on the lives of the animals like Mimi....

Fundraise: take part in a sponsored event or organise one of your own.

Volunteer: in the shops, hands-on at the centre, driving, collecting, baking cakes for the Open Day, many others.

Fostering: a vital role in an animal’s journey towards adoption.

Sponsor an animal! Great as a gift, gives animals long-term benefit

Donate – regular or one-off giving via the website.

And finally:

Look at our website for more information:

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Sign up for our Monthly Mailers, to see a snapshot and hear stories of life behind the scenes at Freshfields.

Our animals cannot thank you themselves, but we can! THANK YOU for helping us change lives of dogs like Miley (below in her new home) every day!

Deb Hughes

Fundraising and Communications Officer

Freshfields Animal Rescue

Here at Kittywake Cruises, we greatly appreciate all of the help, support, shelter and love that Freshfields provide to all animals in need and we a overjoyed with the opportunity to work with Freshfields Animal Rescue to celebrate National Pet day.

Keep an eye out for Freshfields summer raffle offering all kinds of great prizes including a Kittywake Canal Cruises gift voucher

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