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Pimp Your Hand Sanitiser

Fun & Simple for all ages to enjoy while making something to help keep yourself and family safe in style - All below items can be found in your home or easily purchased from amazon. I hope this blog inspires more fun during the lockdown and encourages little ones to keep cleaning their hands. Stay Safe everyone this is a wild time but we are all in the same boat ;) Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives.

This blog will tell you how to...

1. Make your own Hand Sanitiser

2. Make Glittery Sanitiser

3. Make Scented Sanitiser

4. Make Colourful Sanitiser

Hand Sanitizer Recipe


1 Cup of 100% Aloe Vera Gel 6 Tablespoons of Witch Hazel 2 Tablespoons of Rubbing Alcohol 1 Drop of Tea Tree Essential Oil 4 to 8 Drops of Scented Essential Oil ( Scent of your choice) Glitter (optional) Soy Based Food Colouring (optional & colour of your choice)

Instructions: (plain sanitiser)

In a bowl mix the Aloe Vera Gel, Witch Hazel and Rubbing Alcohol together until well blended.

Add 4-8 drops of Tea Tree essential oil to the mixture, and stir well.

Adding the Fun Stuff:

Add as much glitter as you desire and mix

Add your Soy based food colouring just enough to colour your sanitiser and Mix

Add 4 - 8 drops of your scented essential oil and mix

Or add all 3 for a crazy mix Hand Sanitiser


Pour the finished hand sanitiser into an empty container and WHAA-LAA! Done!

Once applied, just rub your hands together until the moisture evaporates and the stickiness vanishes.


  • Many essential oils like tea tree, lemongrass, lemon, cedarwood, clove, peppermint and lavender have antibacterial properties. Use one of these essential oils to boost the germ fighting power of your sanitizer.

  • If you find the consistency to be too thin, add more witch hazel or rubbing alcohol a teaspoon at a time until you reach your desired consistency.

  • Destiny and I love anything that is sparkly; so we love adding a pop of glitter to our hand sanitizers. 

  • Recycle old liquid soap or hand sanitizer bottles, and refill them again and again.

  • Witch hazel, tea tree oil both have antiseptic and astringent properties which make them great for killing germs.

  • If you feel your sanitizer is a bit to sticky, simply add a bit more rubbing alcohol.

  • If you would like to avoid use rubbing alcohol, simple omit it from the recipe.

  • The aloe vera gel will help soothe skin and keep skin from drying out.

Ideas and Instructions by Paula Parrish - check out her blog for more.

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